What An Adventure!

Following was our little journey to potty training which was filled with twists and turns, tears and laughter, rewards and toilet paper.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yes, We are Back!

Mini Me looks like she is lying in state, doesn't she?

Yes, my friends, we are back on track. No more crazy accidents. Mini Me did have a slider the other day, at our friends' house.

What's a slider? It's one we are going to let slide. We don't think it was her fault, really. We suspect Mini Me was trying to turn on the light in a strange, new bathroom and just couldn't manage to get her dress hitched up and panties down in time. Slider.

No more sliders or gliders. 

What's a glider? It's where they hold it so long playing, they glide in that bathroom and okay, I made it up because it rhymed and the analogy isn't going to hold. She hasn't had any accidents. She even does a good job wiping her own butt after a BM.

Good job, Mini Me!!