What An Adventure!

Following was our little journey to potty training which was filled with twists and turns, tears and laughter, rewards and toilet paper.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We were on the highway when Mini Me said she 'HAD TO PEE NOW!!!" She was crying and carrying on. Not normal for Mini Me unless she has an immediate and impending pee or poop. Daddy pulled over to the side of the highway. I took Mini Me out and pulled down her shorts and underwear.

"Squat, Baby." I said.

"What?" She said.

"Squat." I bent her knees and bent her at the hips. 

Then she peed. On my hand. On her shorts. And, some on the grass after I pushed on her vajayjay to get it to direct properly. 

Yes, I squealed in frustration when my hand was showered. Back in the car, Daddy was kind enough to point out that it was her very first time squatting and I didn't have her legs open wide enough. Thank you, peanut gallery.

She had a glazed look on her face the rest of the ride home. We think peeing at the side of the road really traumatized her.

Mommas, don't go hug your baby girls. 
Go teach them the art of squatting.